October 23, 2020 9:26 pm
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she did a pretty good job tucker carlson applauds kristen welkers moderation of final presidential debate

NBC’s Kristen Welker got a shoutout from an unlikely source for her moderation of the second and final presidential debate on Thursday.

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, often a critic of most mainstream media outlets, took offense at some demanding an apology to Welker from him and conservative pundits for their presumptive notion that she would be a biased moderator.


“We’ve never attacked Kristen Welker, honestly, ever wanted to attack her,” Carlson said on his show on Friday. “Some of the questions she asked last night obviously were loaded. She’s probably a liberal, but she’s far from the most unreasonable person in the media. Not even close. In fact, by current standards, she did a pretty good job last night. She came off as more fair than some who have moderated debates. Good for her.”

Carlson was referring to Whoopi Goldberg’s comments on ABC’s The View. The actress and co-host of the show accused him of criticizing Welker before she even took the debate stage.

Welker was able to corral the debate well compared to the first debate that was full of interruptions and cross-talk between President Trump and his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden.

The Commission on Presidential Debates issued new rules after the chaotic first debate, including a muted mic for certain portions, to help viewers better understand the positions of the candidates without interruption.

Welker also defied the expectations of several conservative pundits and Republicans, who claimed she wouldn’t touch the subject of Hunter Biden’s business affairs, when she posed the question to the Democratic nominee.

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