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‘Unplanned’: Inside the Controversial (and Completely Bonkers) Anti-Abortion Movie

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Propaganda doesn’t come more putrid than Unplanned, which is the perfect way to spend a Friday or Saturday night if you’re a die-hard right-to-lifer who views Planned Parenthood as a scourge upon the face of the Earth. Smacking you upside the head with its message for 110 god-awful minutes via every cornball cliché in the (not-so-good) Christian-movie book, it’s a leaden, self-righteous and wholly rancid affair, designed only to preach to its choir by maligning the non-profit organization.

In other words, Unplanned is the cinematic equivalent of an anti-abortion pamphlet peddled by one of those holier-than-thou creeps who lurk outside clinics, reciting biblical quotes in order to terrorize (often young) women looking for much-needed reproductive health care.

Lest that sound like hyperbole, let me quote directly from Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon’s film (debuting in theaters this weekend). According to their foul drama, Planned Parenthood is a “billion-dollar corporation”—supported by the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and (anti-Semitic dog-whistle alert!) George Soros—and “one of the most powerful organizations on the planet.” Worse, that wealth and power comes from murder, since their story makes clear that, regardless of its birth control and counseling services, Planned Parenthood is solely interested in “selling” evil abortions to as many people as possible.

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