May 21, 2020 4:05 pm
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Numerous disturbing videos were circulating social media showing a black Michigan man beating elderly white men and women in nursing homes.

Jaydon Hayden is reportedly from Westland, Michigan and beat elderly white nursing home patients for sport.

There are three videos right now on Bitchute showing the man beating white people.

The man is filming himself beating the seniors in their beds until they are bleeding.

Judicial Watch boss Tom Fitton said the watchdog group contacted authorities after he was alerted to the disturbing videos.

“This was also posted on my Twitter feed and Judicial Watch contacted authorities who then, in response to our concern, arrested this person. Thanks to those who helped us get this done.” Tom Fitton said.

Tom Fitton said according to his sources, the man was arrested.

You can support Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch by clicking here.

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11 days ago

Where the hell is MSM? Dont fit the agenda? Make no mistake, it’s not about color for me, it’s about the evil which has no color. But hypocrisy of the MSM and the Democrats forever trying to divide people, this is what happens….. evil begets evil !

10 days ago

That SOB should be, PUT TO DEATH!!!!“