July 6, 2020 11:59 pm
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Another white BLM protester was mowed down by an angry motorist.

This time the incident happened in Indiana where there was yet another “white” BLM protest. This time in Bloomington, Indiana.

Here’s what that protest looked like…it’s very white.

Things got hairy however when the protesters moved started blocking traffic.

Americans are just so sick of this crap. You can’t blame us. We’ve been dealing with these riots almost as long as we’ve been dealing with the COVID pandemic.

Everyone’s patience has worn thin.

So, when the folks in this red car (which included at least one very angry elderly man), were blocked, they had enough.

The elderly man got out and tossed a scooter out of the way that was blocking his car and somewhere in the process of everything ended up mowing down a couple of white protesters who can be seen hanging onto the hood of his car for dear life.

I have found two different vides for you.

One is longer and shows more of what happened. The other is just a couple of seconds but it’s a closer shot.

At this point, if you’re a white person who insists on protesting for BLM just stay out of the dang roads and off the freeways.

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