May 12, 2020 9:47 am
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video flynns lawyer goes after obama this was orchestrated

Folks, #ObamaGate is really heating up, as we begin to learn more about the lengths the Obama Deep State went to in order to stop President Trump.

And as we get more information on the Flynn FBI set up, we start to see that Obama was much more involved than he ever admitted.

Does anyone really believe that all this was happening and he didn’t know?


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He ORDERED it all and we know it. Now, we just need the proof to back it up.

Flynn’s mega-brilliant lawyer Sidney Powell is hitting Obama hard – she says this entire thing was “orchestrated.”

Yep, and Obama was the conductor.

You can watch the video below:

Thanks to William Barr and acting Intel Cheif Richard Grenell, we’re now seeing the breadth of what these Deep State ghouls have been up to behind closed doors.

Grenell has been declassifying a lot of documents that have shown what a propaganda fake this entire “Russia collusion” was.

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We hear he’s releasing more documents this Friday, which will reveal Adam Schiff’s massive deception and corruption.

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