August 2, 2020 12:13 pm
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There were no horses injured during the filming of this video clip…But I can’t say the same for the anti-American Democrat communist mob.


Here’s what we know:

A group of Antifa terrorists gathered in Austin, Texas. As per their usual,  they “occupied” a street and refused to leave.

So, Austin police officers rode in on 3/4 ton mounted horses and busted up the commie get together with the greatest of ease.

However, the communists did not go down “quietly.”

You can hear them shouting and screaming bloody murder on the clip.

It just makes you realize more and more how bad the parenting had to be for these young adults to turn out so entitled and so emotionally stunted.

It’s like they’re all around 7-years-old on the “emotional development scale.”

What adults scream and yell and behave like that?

You can watch the video below:

I saw a video last week, where Israel was using water cannons to disperse rioters near Netenyahu’s home.

It worked so efficiently that rioting groups were actually asking Israel to stop using them.

Imagine if these liberal-run cities had done that when all the downtown businesses were being burned to the ground…think of all the livelihoods that could have been saved.

But Democrats don’t care about American livelihoods, do they?

No. All they care about is chaos and power.

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