June 2, 2020 7:06 pm
Categories: Culture Wayne Dupree

When do you believe the suspect, and when do you act like these police officers and shut that down?

My eyes did not lie when a police officer committed a crime, and my eyes did not lie when people took a tragedy and turned it into an opportunity to enrich themselves and attack innocent people.

One thing I learned a long time ago. People need to comply when an officer gives an order. There will be plenty of time to argue your case, but driving into an area that is rioting and has a curfew is a recipe for questioning.

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Pretty soon, nobody will want to be a police officer. I am not saying what they did is the right thing. However, comfortable to sit in the safety of your office at City Hall and question what the place is doing in the middle of a riot in the middle of the night. Maybe these people should have stayed away from the riot.

Pretty soon, the officers will play it safe all the time. Yes, we saw the man getting beaten by the mob, we were afraid of using too much force and getting charged, so we just observed.

When the pandemic is over, and things get back to normal, cops should look to the tradeshow exhibit industry for work. Pays well, unionized, pension, and it’s everywhere. Most of the older guys are retiring, and there is a huge void as young people aren’t really coming in. It’s nothing like being a cop. We typically work behind several layers of security in venues, and there are lots of hours. Many companies already hire firefighters. Being a cop is a tough and dangerous job.

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My dad would have made me apologize to the police officers for bruising their knuckles on my head. The point is, the parents of these two don’t ask, “why were you in the middle of a riot?” No, instead, they go and hire a lawyer and think of how they will spend their lotto winnings.

A curfew is also needed. It is hard to tell who is causing trouble and who isn’t, and with everyone on edge, things are crazy. I’m not saying this is okay; I’m saying it is dangerous for everyone to be out at night right now. Curfew is needed.

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