May 22, 2020 8:15 am
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video president trump just had last laugh on gretchen whitmer

It’s no secret that President Trump and the tyrannical shrew governor of Michigan are not exactly “buddies.”

As a matter of fact, they’re at great odds. Gretchen Whitmer’s totalitarian/globalist political style is the polar opposite of President Trump’s America First, pro-worker style, and agenda.

Governor Whitmer is currently using the COVID-19 virus as a political weapon against her citizens. I am from Michigan, and I’ve been locked down like a zoo animal for 2-months now and Whitmer just announced from her vacation lake house that she will be extending her lockdown orders again.

MORE NEWS: Report: Whitmer Hightails it to Her Summer Lake House (Photo) and then Announces She’s Extending Her Lockdown

Whitmer is putting on a progressive show for the Biden camp. She’s hoping to get the VP nod from Dementia Joe.

However, her plans hit a snag after 2 dams broke in central Michigan. Now, Michigan residents are asking why Whitmer isn’t as focused on infrastructure disrepair as she is on trying to be Biden’s VP?

And Whitmer just got more bad news…It seems a member of her own party has launched a lawsuit against her.

The news came during a meeting with President Trump in Ypsilanti, Michigan when Democrat State Rep. Karen Whitsett announced to President Trump that she had filed a lawsuit against tyrannical Gretchen Hitler-Whitmer.

Talk about a glorious moment for Trump, right? Not to mention, the good people of Michigan, as well…

You can watch the video below:

You’ll recall State Rep Whitsett is the woman who thanked President Trump for saving her life after she contracted Coronavirus and took Hydroxychloroquine after hearing President Trump talk about it.

After thanking President Trump for helping to save her life Whitsett was targeted by the Democrats and Whitmer…and now she’s fighting back.

Pray for her and wish her well.

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