May 17, 2020 8:28 pm
Categories: Politics Wayne Dupree

President Trump just dropped a major hint about #ObamaGate and what’s to come during an interview with Fox Business.

While speaking with Maria Bartiromo, President Trump touched on what Obama knew.

He said that none of what happened could have gone on without that “man in the Oval Office.

He’s right.


Does anyone seriously believe that Obama didn’t know what each and every one of his minions was doing?

Give me a break – he was pulling all the strings.

But the best part was the “hint” Trump dropped when he told the American people that we will “see what happens when the papers come out.”

You can watch the video below:

This isn’t over by a long shot, as a matter of fact, we’re just getting warmed up folks. Time to grab your 🍿and get ready for the big show!

Justice is coming to The Swamp – right in time for election year!

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Maxine Johnson
16 days ago

How do Ijust how often I receive the JoshWho newsletter? I tried to find Support but can’t find it anywhere.

16 days ago is where it makes your account. IT probably has the options there