July 6, 2020 3:01 pm
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A group of kids went to DC for a “youth trip.”

The kids all look to be white and that usually wouldn’t matter, but of course today it does, because they were verbally assaulted by a very vulgar and angry young black guy, and called “racist crackers” and even had their MAGA hags ripped off their heads and thrown over a wall.

In her tweet, Ms. Charlie Nicole says that the video was sent to her by a very emotional mother of one of the boys who was on this “youth trip” to DC.

You can clearly see in the video this very angry young black guy who is stalking the group, yelling, swearing, and calling them racist names, while. simultaneously calling the kids racist because they had on “MAGA hats.”

Makes no sense, typical liberal.

The tweet goes on to say that the cussing vulgar man took the kids’ Trump hats and hurled them over a wall.


You can watch the video below:

I know we all joke around and laugh that liberalism is a “mental disorder”

I just want it noted, that it really is a mental illness and it’s not a joke.

These people are not normal.

Something is very mentally unbalanced if this is how you behave when you see someone or something you disagree with.

Thank God the kids are okay. This could have turned out so much worse, given what we’ve seen lately from angry, violent “protesters.”

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American WOMAN
1 month ago

Lunatic cowards are turned loose to terrorize school children on a trip in DC. Why was this kept quiet? That filthy mouth bum who terrorized those kids should be in jail or an institution. Their cowardly mayor handed over the district to blm and antifa. So do they now own DC??

Diane Meeks
Diane Meeks
1 month ago

Thank you for sharing this disturbing video of what is going on in our nation’s capital, thanks to the message of complete surrender the mayor of DC has given to antifa & BLM. It is so important to get the truth of the situation out for everyone to see.