May 12, 2019 1:52 am
Categories: Search

We eliminate the algorithm manipulation

What our main goal is to produce the best accurate results as possible without any bias or agendas. We counterbalance the manipulations that are normally used on the mainstream search engines that have been proven to be politically motivated time after time again.

A lot of plays happen with search engine algorithms where people know how to tilt the tables in their favors by changing different Synonym definitions to other meanings that really do not apply to what the user is searching for.

There is a lot more at play with how the data is put in order and served to you by many different variables and meanings to purposely only show you certain results.

With JoshWho Search we take away all of those filters that the mainstream put in place and try to give you exactly what you are looking for.

We even added filters to let you Sort results not only from the whole World Wide Web but also your favorite Social Media Outlets to make it easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for.


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Does JoshWho Search provide end to end encryption security and hide trackers like DuckDuckGo?

We do provide end to end encryption but we do not have the abilities currently to hide trackers.

Every website listed in the search results is in control of their own logs, cookie sessions, etc…

I believe DuckDuckGo gives many people a false sense of security because they cannot stop the websites from knowing you just came from them. The only thing they are basically doing for you is providing a proxied Search Box that does not record your search queries. Funny part is though that when you click the results link you leave their environment and are now vulnerable again.


We always recommend to use a VPN for all internet activity because almost 98% of all websites have Analytics, and tracking cookies. By using a vpn you prevent governments, ad companies, private detectives, hackers, etc…  from tracking your every move.

We recommend 2 very trusted VPN services.

BetterNet which is a Free VPN Service that works for all platforms.

Torguard Fast professional VPN services that has everything you need 100% No Logs works on all platforms.