September 5, 2020 8:12 pm
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BLM Supporter Gets Her Store Raided By Other BLM Rioters! – Wake …

BLM ANTIFA is only the foot soldiers of the left.

The two groups BLM and ANTIFA is organized khaos created by DEEP STATE minions and fueled by Hollywood and Democrat leaders.

Our own US tax dollars are literally helping these mobs. The members are just indoctrinated people that truly believe that the United States of America is 100% racist.

They actually believed that Donald Trump hates gays and all minority races. Here we are 4 years later and the fears they all believed never happened. So what does the left do? They create chaos and havoc using the footsoldiers they created. Now they have unleashed the zombies and told them to bully and destroy whatever so they can make America horrible.

These members of ANTIFA and BLM are so indoctrinated that they do not even think about the possibilities of a Black Business Owner.

As we can see just recently this Black owned gas (petro) station was just destroyed by the BLM mob when in fact the owner actually supports the BLM movement.

There is no logic here at all what the BLM movement is really about.

Just last week they attacked Rand Paul and was yelling about Breanna Taylor but none of them realized Rand is the guy that started the Breanna Taylor no knock warrant bill.

These are not “PEACEFUL PROTESTS” these are brainwashed indoctrinated people that were fed lies and full of rage from the lies they were given.

They are organized and certain members of local government and non local federal government are helping them and also funding them with your tax dollars.

When do we say NO MORE? It is time to start putting our foots down and making these leaders, that are responsible for all of this organized khaos to take some responsibility and getting arrested for aiding and abetting to these mobs for political reasons.

That is not Trump supporters you see in the streets destroying America. It is very obvious who they support and what they support.

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